Sunday, December 14, 2008

Intersex people - An object of ridicule

Ever wonder why don't we find any columns or rights for third gender “intersex” for the people having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs. These intersex people are humans just like us with all the feelings, sentiments, relations and belongings but the treatment of people with this gender is so very disappointing that they can not even take education with others and same is with their professions. We leave them alone to beg on signals and roads or to get involved in weird sexual activities. Intersex people get their gender by birth and should be treated equally but reality tells another story.
In Pakistan these intersex people have virtually no right and due to the pathetic and narrow-minded social taboos, we even refuse to recognize this problem. Moreover, these intersex people are an object of ridicule, fun, derogation, and they are merely used and abused by the people for their warped sexual fantasies. As intersex people are not entertained anywhere in education, jobs or welfare, they resort to prostitution and crimes for their survival.
To address this issue, Government of Pakistan should take serious steps by not only allocating quota for them but also giving them all the due rights as humans. What we need to do is to change our attitude towards them and accept them like others. They should not be not left as inactive part and should be respected as civilians. In this technologically advanced era, we are still living with stone age approaches. Lets try to see this issue with a different eye.

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